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Wading is one way to sneak up on saltwater fish without alarming them, since many of them can detect nearby boats by the slap-slap of even tiny waves against a boat's hull. Wading anglers can also hike to isolated spots that can't be reached by boats, when the tide is low. In addition, it's much more fun to catch a fish while wading in the water. Some saltwater wading anglers now wear protective waders to ward off stingrays, stinging jellyfish and potentially fatal, summer-time saltwater-borne infections such as vibrio. (For more wade fishing photos, check out our Seatrout and Redfish folders).

Another day in paradise
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Muddy walking
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Placid trout day
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Commotion up the creek
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Wader and redfish
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Grabbing the best bait
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Wader lands a seatrout
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Redfish waders
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