Using the Lightbox

What is a Lightbox?

The term got its name from a box with a lightbulb inside, traditionally used for viewing camera film, negatives and slides. In this digital age, the term lightbox now refers to an online "location" that allows web users to assemble a selection of their favorite images — a shopping cart of sorts.

Just Visiting?

Every visitor to our website can use our lightbox. This allows you to store selected images in a temporary location (the lightbox). However, once you leave our website the images will not be saved, unless you become a Seafavorites member.

Save Your Lightbox — Become a Member

Every visitor that logs in or registers with us before selecting images to the lightbox will be able to save the contents. This means you can return at a later date to finalize your checkout. All images remain in the lightbox until you've processed an order (checked out). Or you can remove the images manually by clicking the "delete" button for each image.

Create an Account

Use the Create an Account link in the Log-in area on the menu to create an account. Please note that when you request a price quote, your lightbox images are saved and can then be found in your Account History.

If You Change Your Mind…

If you add images to your lightbox without first registering and then decide you want to save them, you can still do so. Simply go to the login page and sign in, becoming a Seafavorites member. Once you've logged in, the contents of your "temporary" lightbox will be saved automatically. You will then have the option of placing an order with us (check out) or the images will remain in place until you visit again.

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